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Hello everyone,

We hope you are doing well! Today's journal is honoring Richard "Dick" Gautier, the television voice of Rodimus Prime in the Transformers series.

Mr. Gautier portrayed the leader of the autobots in his many moments, fighting Galavtron, learning to be a leader and more in the Transformers series.

Sadly he passed away on January 13, 2017 but we honor this voice actor by remembering his part in Transformers history and our prayers and thoughts are with him and his family/friends.

Feel free to express your feelings and thoughts about this great talent and person.

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Grandis-Granva Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
Rest in peace, Dick Gautier. His voice, to me, was one of the most memorable.

I loved all three of Rodimus' voices. Each portrayed a different take on the Prime's emotions.
-Judd Nelson's voice was soft, and kind. It was perfect as Hotrod for the courageous, confident youth. As he made his transformation into Rodimus, it made him seem as though he possessed a hidden wisdom, some knowledge, some confidence from the Matrix that would never let him falter in his role. The voice also conveyed sadness so well.
-Ted Schwartz was perfect in displaying the utter sorrow of Rodimus. His voice made you feel the inner anguish that raged within him. When he spoke, you got the feeling that he was stumbling along, and that he was doing his best, despite the pain of it all.
-Dick Gautier seemed most gruff and out of place at first, but as you continued to watch the show, it grew on you. His tone and manner of speaking with that hint of loss -- as if he were searching and reaching out for something -- anything that could heal him of his hurts. Uncertainty, and doubt. His cynical humor held a note of contempt, and every single word spoken -- even those that seemed reckless or happy (so contrived, poor Prime!) contained pure disillusionment about his destiny, and place in the Autobots. It was a voice of sacrifice, and difficult decision.
All three voices different, yet all three working so perfectly in their own ways; portraying just what was needed in Rodimus' character at the time. If only the character's development would've been finished... (sigh, a lament I shall always bear).

Dick Gautier: Rodimus Prime of Transformers, Serpentor of G.I.Joe's....  You shall not be forgotten. Your voice, and use of emotion (particularly in your portrayal of Rodimus Prime) will always remain in my heart. RIP...
Mimzy94 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017
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